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To ask Big Life Questions, to try and lead A Big Life everyday, we need to have a sense of the character qualities we bring to these tasks. 

Generally, we’re not that great at reflecting on, identifying and accepting what our personal qualities and strengths are. If we stop and think we might say we’re caring, fair or determined. If we ask someone close to us we might get a broader sense of what our strengths are. Watch the following video to find out more about the importance of knowing our strengths.

Here’s something we’ve tried with a lot of kids in our schools. It’s a survey that classifies your responses against 24 character strengths that we all have at one level or another. Some of these strengths we’re really strong in, some we can develop a little more. We use this activity with our kids so they get a better sense of what their strengths are as individuals and as a year level. The photo below is a strengths profile for a group of kids. Blue is the top strength, red second, green third, orange fourth and yellow fifth. You can see the spread of strengths across this group of 14 and 15 year olds, and it will change as their lives progress.


It’s important to acknowledge that we have strengths we can use to flourish and thrive and we have strengths we can develop more fully to build our sense of wellbeing. It’s like physical exercise - you’ve got to move it or lose it.

Try this!

Go to: https://www.viacharacter.org/www/
Hit the yellow: “Take The Free VIA Survey” box. Register your details and discover your strengths in 10 minutes!

For Parents

Check out this website for tips on Strengths-Based Parenting http://www.the-strengths-exchange.com.au/strength-based-parenting.html



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