Clear thinking or clarity of mind lets us look at the here and now with a more positive perspective. A clear mind helps us think about the challenge of now or pick ourselves up to have another go. Sometimes we lose clarity when we are faced with stress, anxiety, doubt and pressure from others. Clarity of mind helps us acknowledge and manage our emotions, make better choices and develop the motivation that keeps pushing us along. 

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Tips to boost your confidence and help turn goals into action.

Power Poses

30 seconds on Power Poses and how they affect our bodies and brains.


Disconnecting from technology every once in a while might be just what you need to help you think more clearly.


We all feel stressed at times. But what is happening in our bodies when we are stressed? And how can we reduce it?


We all know that we don't think clearly when we've had a rough night's sleep. But how much sleep should we be getting? And what happens if we keep missing out?


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