Gratitude and Positive Intentions.

This term at Warrnambool College we are focusing on Gratitude through a Big Life program. By regularly practicing gratitude you help train your brain to take note of positive experiences more often, this can lead to a much happier outlook on life. By practicing gratitude daily we are able to bounce back quicker when difficult situations arise and are more likely to have a sense of peace during these times. We are also likely to have more positve encounters with others which in turn can help others feel at peace and experience gratitude themselves. 


Setting a Positive Intention to focus on can really help develop our gratitude skills. Perhaps try and notice when people are kind to each other, or offer their assistance. You could make it your intention to notice the beauty in nature, or the way things just work out for you (particularly if you believe they don't, this may change your belief!). All of this helps us look at life through a positive lense. Give it a go and see how your gratitude grows!

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