5 Apps to Help Manage Stress

There are many ways to manage stress. Exercise, healthy eating, socialising, listening to music, meditation and counselling can all contribute to good mental health. Now our portable devices, such as Smart Phones and Tablets, can help us too. Dozens of Apps have been designed to beat stress and anxiety, practice mindfulness and improve our mental health. Here is a list of five free apps that are suitable for all ages:

  1. Worry Time: A free mobile app that gives you a place to store your worries, and alerts you when it’s time to think about them. When a worry no longer matters to you, you can ditch it and move on.

  2. Smiling Mind: A meditation program developed by psychologists and educators to help bring mindfulness into your life.

  3. Mindshift: Designed primarily for teens and young adults, Mindshift focuses on issues that cause stress and anxiety within that age group.

  4. Happify: Focuses on identifying your unique strengths and building skills to overcome stress and negative thoughts.

  5. Stop, Breathe & Think: Gives you the chance, and skills, to stop everything, just breathe, and think. The guided meditations cover a range of goals, and are constructed to help you take some time out and concentrate on yourself. 

So here's a challenge for my fellow Smart Phone addicts out there: Next time you reach for your phone to check your facebook, Snapchat or Instagram, try logging on to one of these Apps instead. Who knows, you might end up feeling calmer, clearer and more positive for the rest of the day! 


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