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Welcome to our brand new website! It's fantastic to have a platform from which we can share some thoughts and conversation starters around life's big questions. Hopefully we can build on the great work that is happening in our Warrnambool schools and support young people to deal with life's inevitable challenges.  

But first, some background information. Many of you will be asking, 'What is this Big Life Project I'm hearing about?' 'Who is involved?' and 'What does it actually look like?'

A Big Life is a partnership between the Warrnambool Student Wellbeing Association (WSWA), Brauer College and Warrnambool College. The program was developed to proactively address the social and emotional struggles that many Warrnambool community members are facing. A Big Life works on the premise that, when quality wellbeing and mentoring programs are implemented at school, young people will not only be more able to solve problems in their lives but will actually outgrow those problems altogether. By linking in with families and communities we hope to create a stronger network of support for our students and expand on the discussions we are having in our schools. 

So here's where you come in. 'What do I have to do with it?' I hear you ask. Well, consider this an invitation to sit down, browse through the website and take some time to reflect. Think about what A Big Life Everyday might look and feel like. Perhaps click on the 'Calm' tab and see what this Mindfulness business is all about. Or make your way to 'Grateful' and challenge yourself to thank someone who has made an impact on your life. We all struggle with thinking clearly sometimes, so have a look at the clips we have posted and consider how you might start to empty your buzzing mind. If nothing else, have a look at our 'Kind' page and set yoursef a goal to make someone else smile today.

Thank you for visiting our website. We look forward to sharing our Big Life journey with you. 


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